Aside from creating jewelry and accessories, I also sew one of a kind environmentally friendly dolls and plush toys. I call my little side project Earth SoulJar and it is such a fun and creative process. I create each doll individually- no assembly line or mass production here- only what my two hands can come up with on their own. Every doll has it’s own personality and it is expressed through clothing choices to facial expression. The dolls are environmentally friendly as they are made with 100% cotton and bamboo cloth and are stuffed with biodegradable hypoallergenic polyfil. Their faces are hand embroidered with silk embroidery threads and I strive to use the most natural cotton or wool yarns for their hair as possible. If all that wasn’t enough to set them apart- each doll comes with it’s own story giving it favorite hobbies and quirks to help inspire imagination in children and create a best friend rather than simply another toy in their collection.

My Mission:
The amount of toys disguarded in landfills a year is estimated to be a whopping 13 million. Americans purchase 5 billion batteries a year for toys and other electronics leaving behind almost 146,000 tons of battery waste.  My goal is to provide heirloom quality toys which means you won’t have to buy another one in the next month and when your little one is done with it, you can pass it on. This way, you are keeping materials out of the landfill as well as saving money.

Twenty-five percent of the total pesticide production each year is used on conventional cotton crops- many of which are made into children’s items and items we use every single day.  I strive to use the most natural and untreated fabrics available to me so you are guaranteed safe and sustainable products.  A percentage of all of my sales goes to charity organizations who are determined to provide families all over the world the tools they need to be self-sufficient and poverty free.  When you purchase a product from Earth Soul Jar, not only are you making a wise and eco friendly decision- you are helping to fight world hunger.

I sell my dolls and plush toys on my Etsy site and they are also available through Sunset River Marketplace in Calabash, NC and Gallery at the Chapman in Hampton, VA.

My charities of choice are Oxfam and The Heifer Project– both of whom I have supported since high school. They do some seriously wonderful things and you should check them out!


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